Front doors

Our front doors are categorized into three different series Trend, Tradition and Timeless. Shown below is our categories of front doors. 


Series Trend has an expression that is adapted for the new architecture, while stakes out the way for the future. The design helps itself in spite of its simplicity and shows its independence with design, colours and material.


Our Series Timeless does not stand out and that is not the point either, it's just there, as a reliable and proven love. The beautiful grooved doors have a neutral and obvious image that is created to match the classic Swedish architecture.


Series Tradition is based upon design and style ideals that were founded several hundred years ago. The use of mullions, mirrors and decorative trims were that times way to create beautiful entrances. Everything was made out of joyful handicraft and a great amount of knowledge. Still today we use drawings that are inspired by that times expressive door models but adapted to Leksandsdörrens knowledge in modern manufacturing.