As a homeowner it's important to know that the utmost has been done to beautify and secure their homes. When you choose door you obviously need to start with the house you live in, when its built, what material it's made out of and the colours it has. But the choice is of course affected by your personal taste, dare you make a strong colour choice or do you feel more harmonious with a neutral door? A modern door is a lot more than a cold barrier. It also provides the interface between your personal life and the stresses of the working life and is the first warm arms to welcome you and your friends. The entrance environment has in short become the house and its owners signature. In response to that, we draw our design inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Leksand's countryside, which we combine with modern trends and visions of society. 

Remember that you will live with your entrance for many years and to choose a door is about making an important choice. In order to make it easier for you we have divided our models in families: Double doors, Trend, Timeless, Traditional and Garage doors.